Together we can empower young women in Rwanda to create a better future through education

crowdfunding campaign on startnext

Starting on the 15th of November, we want to raise a minimum of 20,000 € to offer Income Share Agreements to as many students as possible at Akilah Institute in Kigali. Support our campaign on startnext and help us spread the word! We will post all information on the campaign, rewards, etc. in our Facebook Event.

To launch our campaign, we are organising a sponsor run from our office to the Rwandan Embassy in Berlin. Be part of the launch as a runner, sponsor or meet us at the Embassy to celebrate the launch. Runners meet at 5 pm, the official campaign launch is at 6.30 pm at the Rwandan Embassy. Find all the info in our Facebook Event.

Supporting individuals to succeed in their education and careers

Equal Opportunities for All

Millions of young people in Sub-Saharan Africa graduate from secondary school and are left with no opportunities to further their skills and seek meaningful employment or start their own businesses. We have evaluated this vicious circle and found a solution that ensures societies can reach equality and social mobility that transforms communities.

We believe that every individual has the right to further their education and learn new skills. Every individual has the right to a high-quality education that equips them with the skills to excel in their careers. Our vision is to see societies transform through the active participation of skilled individuals who become changemakers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.


We support individuals to cover the costs of their education with our Income Share Agreement. Through our selected partner organisations our students can learn the skills they need to follow their dream careers. We break down the financial barrier to higher education and ensure that every individual has equal opportunities.


We believe holistic education is the key to success and support our students to learn life skills that will help them to excel. We offer financial literacy training, leadership skills development and job readiness. Each student is mentored carefully by our team during their learning phase.


Through partnerships with organisations, we help our students to find jobs or launch their own companies. Once they are financially able to they give back to CHANCEN Community, they repay a small % of their income for a set period of time. These repayments are used to support the next generation of students.

Our unique financial solution


Capital from impact investments and donor funding is managed by CHANCEN International.

Partner institutions are selected based on our criteria and due diligence process.

CHANCEN International invests in individual students. Students can focus on their studies, while we build a supportive community around them.

Once students have graduated, they make relative income-based repayments. A set % of net salary.

We re-invest these repayments in the next generation, closing the funding circle.


“As a social enterprise, we combine Fair financing for education with ethical Impact Investing.
With Income Share Agreements, we build a community of students who receive fair and equal education opportunities. In return, they will invest in the next generation of students, affording them the same opportunity.”

Education for this generation and all that follow

Make a direct impact

We welcome donations in all shapes and sizes

GLS Bank

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Tax Number: 348/5868/0300


How we reach our students

CHANCEN International has partners with selected institutions and organisations in Rwanda to offer their students Income Share Agreements (ISA) to finance their studies. With an ISA, students can focus on their studies, while CHANCEN takes care of the tuition fee payments. Once graduates start working and earn above the minimum income threshold, they make income-based repayments.

CHANCEN is a community of members who are united in solidarity to increase access to tertiary education for current and future generations. Together, with our partners we ensure students are empowered through socially responsible financing and free to focus on their studies.

Four criteria are used to select our partner universities. We believe in value creating programs, transparency, initiative and excellence.

  1. Delivering value to society by offering holistic higher education with a focus on leadership skills, changemaker initiatives and community development.
  2. The availability of efficient systems that allow for full transparency showing how values and actions of the institution are aligned.
  3. Proof of student support programs – soft skill development that cultivates initiative, drive and grit.
  4. Proof of high level of employment amongst graduates, with high employee satisfaction.

How ISAs work

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) allow you to focus on your studies, while CHANCEN takes care of your tuition fees. Our community supports you to excel in your studies and succeed in your career.


Fair Financing

We pay your tuition fees whilst you study. Once you have graduated and you start earning a monthly income above 80 000 RWF you start your repayments. Graduates do not have a fixed amount of debt.


Income Based Repayments

Your repayments are set percentage of your monthly income, 9% of your net salary. You commit to repaying for 8 years. You can shape your career without additional financial pressure.



Graduates, Impact Investors and Universities are united in their commitment to giving all students access to education. Your repayments ensure the next generation can study too.


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