The Teacher Awards

Teachers Awards

In response to the key learning on the unique need for fostering motivation amongst teachers for Technology-enabled Teacher Training, the AIMS Teacher Training program (TTP) in collaboration with CHANCEN International has launched for the first time, the Teacher Awards. The awards will be held on 6th December this year and will aim to celebrate and recognize the teachers’ engagement with the AIMS Online Teacher Training Program during this COVID_19 period.

Every year, CHANCEN receives hundreds of young people that have worked hard to complete their secondary education and want to pursue their tertiary education. These young people can come to our offices, apply to tertiary institutions, and get accepted because of inspiring and dedicated high school teachers who have set the foundation.

As a way of recognizing the teacher’s contribution and engagement, The CHANCEN community which is made up of 1300 Rwandan students, together with AIMS, looks forward to recognizing teachers in different communities. Up to 150 individual awards capped at $250 will be awarded to teachers from across the 52 AIMS TTP training centers. The amounts for the award from the individual members of the public. The names of the individual donors will be mentioned in the certificate accompanying the award.

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Bank Name: Bank of Kigali

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