The Future of Work Fund

Future of Work Fund (1)

With three years of incubating an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) pilot in Rwanda and supported by the world’s oldest ISA algorithm (25 years), CHANCEN is launching a Sub-Saharan African fund called the Future of Work Fund (FWF).

The future of work fund is a blended finance vehicle that is set to create a paradigm shift in education across SubSaharan Africa.

Over the next 3 years, we will finance 10, 000 students,  and partner with additional 10 higher educational institutions. Initially, the focus will be on three countries: Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa.

The Future of Work Fund will be domiciliated at the Kigali International Investment Centre and has a first target raise of 20 Million USD.

The Future of Work Fund Projection

Countries (2)

Investment Structure

Copy of Copy of FWF SPV

Key Terms

Underlying Assets: Income Share Agreement

Terms (in months)

  • Senior notes: up to 72 months
  • class 3 shares: lockup period for 7 years, 2 year notice
  • class 1 shares: lockup period for 15 years.
  • class 2 shares: lockup till liquidation

Geography: Sub- Saharan Africa


  • Public limited Liability Company Registered in Rwanda
  • Initiator & Investment Manager: CHANCEN International


  • 2% Management Fee Y1- Y5; 150K Y6-Y16
  • 2%Service fee during investment period
  • Size/Scale: 21 000 000 $
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How you can support us

The Future of Work Fund will prove that a fair, ethical student finance solution that truly serves excluded youth can be sustainably implemented across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Join us today in the journey of building the world’s future workforce.

For more details, please feel free reach out to us.