Izmayil You become a member of the Chancen Community when you agree to our Income Share Agreements where we invest in your education and you pay us back when you can.

what is an
income share agreement?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is when you agree to receive our investment for you to learn and complete your tertiary qualification at one of our vetted educational partners. Once you graduate, we give you the time and space to find gainful employment in line with your goals and dreams. When you begin to earn enough to take care of your needs, your repayments kick in and our unique algorithm ensures that you pay a percentage of your earnings that does not encroach on your basic needs. If you earn more, you pay more, if you earn less, you pay less. The repayment value is capped with a maximum limit.

Solidarity for
social impact benefits

Your agreement to join the Chancen Community means that you become part of a community that believes in the inalienable right to quality education. By becoming a member you also become an investor as your repayments pave the way for the next person and together we create more than enough for us all. The best return on your investment is paving the way for the next person to access the education they deserve. It’s our right.

Why should I get an ISA?

An ISA is arguably the best investment you can make for those with a thirst to upscale the economic abilities through education.

  • The ISA allows you to study hassle free as repayments only begin when you start earning a decent wage after graduation.
  • The repayments are fair because they are calculated objectively using our unique algorithm, scaled within your earning capacity, and they are capped at a maximum amount.
  • We make every effort to set you up for success by providing support and community driven activities to help you;
    a. Increase your financial literacy
    b. Be work ready
    c. Be growth focused
  • The repayments are flexible allowing you to change and shift your career path as you evolve and grow to meet your changing needs
  • You don’t just get to pay your investment back, you get to join a united community creating more for future generations and sustainable changing the economic fates of the region.


What I love most about Akilah is that they empower women and prepare the next generation of female leaders through providing leadership courses. My goal for the future is to open a hotel that has African designs in Rwanda. CHANCEN International is a guardian to me because it is supporting my education which would be impossible for my family. If it was not for CHANCEN, I could not have studied at Davis College. Finding funding for education is almost impossible in Rwanda. I am so grateful for CHANCEN International’s support because I am studying peacefully.
Nancy Gihozo Karake
Davis College, Akilah Campus
Through the support that I received from CHANCEN International, I was able to complete my college without the debt burden that traditional education facilities create for the students because there is a minimum income threshold of 80,000RWF for a student to start repaying. Repayment starts when you earn above that amount which is different from other forms of loan facilities. Due to CHANCEN’s support, I can continue with my post-graduate education in any country and pay later. I would like to continue my education in business data analytics because I have grown fond of data and its importance in improving business.
Derrick Muhire
Kepler Graduate