Student Body Committee

The Student Body Committee serves as the bridge between students and CHANCEN’s administration. Members of the committee are elected by their fellow students following two weeks of a campaign. The committee is made up of four members from each partner institution.

  • The President, who is in charge of presenting student challenges to the CHANCEN administration and set the direction for the committee after consultation with the committee members;
  • The Vice President, who works hand in hand with the president to set objectives and plans for the committee;
  • The Communications coordinator who is in charge of reporting student issues and develops strategies for better communication between the administration and our community;
  • Last not least, The Student Affairs who plays an important role in mediating students’ issues and conflicts in an expedient manner.

Student Body Committee members at Davis College Akilah


Hafsa Halidi


Meet Hafsa, the CHANCEN Student Body Committee President at Davis College Akilah. She is pursuing Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

During her free time, Hafsa enjoys drawing and painting.


Sonia Akaliza

Vice President

Sonia is in her last year of college in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Davis College Akilah.

In her spare time, Sonia enjoys volunteering in her community.



Communications Coordinator

Kellen is pursuing her studies at Davis College Akilah in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

When Kellen is not studying, she cuddles up with novels.


Fabiola Abayisenga

Student Affairs

Fabiola is in her final year at Davis college Akilah where she is taking Business Management and entrepreneurship.

In her free time, she enjoys of spending time with her friends and family members.

Student Body Committee Members at Kepler


Gaspard Ukwizagira


Meet Gaspard, a Bachelor of Arts student in Communications at Kepler. Gaspard is an aspiring entrepreneur and dreams to start his own company.

During his spare time, Gaspard enjoys doing workouts and good music.


Delice Illcile Ishimwe

Vice President

Delice is currently doing her Associate of Arts at Kepler. She aspires to become a trade negotiator. 

A nice beat is enough to make Delice relax.


Genevieve Iranyuze Atosha

Student Affairs

Meet Genevieve, a Bachelor of Arts student in Healthcare Management at Kepler. After her completing her degree, she dreams of having a career in the healthcare sector.

In her spare time, Genevieve enjoys turning simple materials into beautiful handcrafts.

Jean de Dieu

Jean de Dieu Ndayishimiye

Communication Coordinator

Jean de Dieu is a student at Kepler where he is doing his Bachelor of Arts in Communications.  After his studies, Jean de Dieu dreams of scaling Umwizero, a social enterprise that he founded.

When he is not doing his school projects, Jean de Dieu enjoys creating fashion designs