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picturesquely Akilah offers diplomas in

  • Hospitality Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management
  • Information Systems

with emphasis on leadership skills, critical thinking skills and a growth mindset. 88% of graduates  move directly into jobs within 6 months following graduation. Earning averages 12x the national median income.

420 students have been supported by CHANCEN International July 2018



















Kepler provides high quality Bachelor programs in Business Communications, Business Management and Healthcare Management. Their degrees are U.S.-accredited from Southern New Hampshire University.

Additionally,  they offer many soft skill development courses ensuring that each student has the opportunity to access work opportunities upon graduation. The courses are delivered per digital content with a team of expert local teachers. Kepler also provides their students with housing and a stipend to ensure they can focus on their studies.

FAWE is not an education institution. It is a community that gives young girls and women the basis from which to grow and reach their full potential. For over 20 years they have supported girls in elementary and secondary school to achieve good results despite coming from challenging circumstances. They develop curriculum, policy and run 2 schools.

We are working with FAWE to support their students in higher education. FAWE offers girls internships and soft skills training programs.