Become An Investor

Investing in the next generation of African leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs through Chancen is an opportunity to impact the economic fate of the African region in a sustainable way. Africa presents many exciting possibilities as an emerging economy region. However, its biggest threat to sustainable economic development is the struggle to harness its youth bulge as the driving force for progress and innovation. While youth unemployment is a serious problem in many countries, access and delivery to quality education is a greater cause for concern. This is because access to education has a significant impact on the fundamental development of quality human capital which is the single most decisive factor in volume, innovation and sustainability of economic growth development

Financial Rewards With A Social Impact

Chancen is working to mitigate this risk through its innovative model which is holistic, unique and motivated by financial rewards that are combined with social impact and value for all actors in the value chain. Members who access Income Share Agreements also access quality education, are equipped with financial literacy and empowered to invest in the future of other African who access the program. The freedom they experience from economic burden makes room for the pursuit of more for themselves and for their region. Most importantly, members who access ISAs are more likely to be long-term thinkers who are vision oriented and have certain financial values that cultivate responsible financial management

A Growing Middle Class = A Thriving Economy

Investors who fund ISA’s do not only gain financial rewards of a fixed annual yield, but those investors who are already active in the region through – Foreign Direct Investment, Multi-National Corporations, Social Impact Investors working in specific sectors or with Youth population groups and others also invest in social benefits that create an enabling environment for their other economic activities to thrive. Chancen members enter the world of work (either as professionals or entrepreneurs) as well rounded, financially literate, quality human capital. As the model is geared to uptake more members over time, the scale of the investment returns grow and the outcomes also scale up at the same time. Moreover, providing greater access to quality education helps not only to mitigate rising levels of unemployment but engenders a growing middle class.

Get Involved

Educational Institutions offering holistic programs that not only provide quality education but help their students become workplace ready also benefit from secure financing from Chancen investments in their members. This helps to boost the development of this type of educational programming which is aligned to the needs of nations, economies and workplaces operating in the 21st century culture trends of rapid change, growth, technological implications, climate change and a host of other dynamics

 Investing in Chancen is a big opportunity and we have many options for you to get involved.