Who we are

mocejón dating sites We are a non-profit organisation that provides an ethical, fair and responsible financing model for young people in Africa to access quality tertiary education. This model of financing is called an Income Share Agreement and was tried and tested for 20 years in Germany before being launched in East Africa in 2018. Our administrative base is located in Kigali, Rwanda, and in our first year more than 900 young people accessed investments towards their tertiary education.We believe that young Africans are ready to take on the problems that have held their continent back if they are fairly and responsibly empowered. Education is one of the vehicles for harnessing that potential and we work to provide equitable access to the means of socio-economic upliftment through ethical financing. At Chancen we create opportunities for social solidarity through responsible financing of quality tertiary education and a partnership of engaged and committed communities that believe in universal access to education. Our model is unique, innovative and seeks to establish a sustainable cycle of investment and growth in the region’s young people



Financing quality education that leads to better employability.
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Our vision is to build a Global Solidarity Community from which individuals can freely further their education and potential to shape the world of tomorrow.


Solidarity, Responsibility, Equality, Commitment, Honesty, and Communication.