A good tertiary education is the first step towards securing your financial future. CHANCEN helps you to access education that prepares you for the workforce by offering Income Share Agreements.

The Chancen ISA offers you an invaluable opportunity to fund your education at any of our partner institutions in Rwanda and South Africa with peace of mind and without incurring massive debt that put at risk your future financial independence.

You can apply for your Income Share Agreement at any partner institution after succeeding their admission process.


An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is when you agree to receive our investment for you to learn and complete your tertiary qualification at one of our vetted educational partners. Once you graduate, we give you the time and space to find gainful employment in line with your goals and dreams. When you begin to earn enough to take care of your needs, your repayments kick in and our unique algorithm ensures that you pay a percentage of your earnings that does not encroach on your basic needs. If you earn more, you pay more, if you earn less, you pay less. The repayment value is capped with a maximum limit.


Your agreement to join the Chancen Community means that you become part of a community that believes in the inalienable right to quality education. By becoming a member you also become an investor as your repayments pave the way for the next person and together we create more than enough for us all. The best return on your investment is paving the way for the next person to access the education they deserve. It’s our right.



Why should you get an ISA?

You get to focus on your studies without being worried about cumbersome debt.

We make every effort to set you up for success by providing you support and community driven activities to help you:

a. Increase your financial literacy.

b. Be work ready.

C. Be growth focused

We only offer Income Share Agreements for educational partners that prepare you for the world of work and have a track record of transition to employment.

The repayments are fair because they are calculated objectively using our unique algorithm, scaled within your earning capacity, and they are capped at a maximum amount.

Our Partner Educational Institutions

Davis College

Davis college Akilah