Keep Making Yourself Better

Looking for a job or internship right after college can be challenging, and it can be even more challenging when you are doing that in the middle of a worldwide outbreak.

But what if we tell you that this period doesn’t have to affect your job readiness? Yes, you read it right! In fact, you can use this time to get ready for your next move and enhance your skills.

Here is how.


Level up your skillset

How you choose to use this time is very important for your career journey. you may use this time to fill up a gap in your skillset or take an existing skill to another level.

There are a number of online resources that offer free courses such as Udemy or Edx. You can do anything from advancing your Excel skills to learning how to create a website. All of these skills will give an added value to your CV.


Leverage your network

Have you ever heard the saying “your network is your net worth”?

Today more than ever before is the time to build and leverage your network. As we are moving to a more virtual world, it is very important to have an active LinkedIn profile. In today’s world, the first thing most employers will do when considering you for a work or internship is “Google” you.


Practice, Practice and Practice

Remember- Success is when preparation and opportunity meet. You need to get prepared before you get called for an interview. Make a list of the frequently asked questions, develop responses, and practice in front of a friend or family member or a mentor. Their feedback will help you to know where you should improve.

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