A Roadmap to the Online Learning Journey


As we talk, people around the world are now in some form of lockdown to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This created a new normal in all aspects of our lives including our learning process. Our schools and colleges shifted from physical classes to online classes; the concept of learning from the comfort of our homes and at our own pace. This is exciting! 

However, this new experience might also feel challenging as it requires us to have less physical interactions with our peers and teachers. So how can we make the best of it and have a successful learning experience?


A great place to start is having SMART and short- term learning goals. They can be either daily or weekly based goals. This will help you to stay focused.An example of a daily goal is to read one chapter of the class materials every day, completing your English assignment, or watching two videos of your modules.


The next step is to cut distractions at all costs. Social media, texting, TV, and open web browsers can affect your focus and participation. Set time for short breaks during the day where you will have the freedom to check your social media and engage with people. It will help you build self-discipline and get your work done faster.

Stay Connected

Last but not least, stay connected with your peers. While we have to be physically distant for now, we can still plug into the social connections that make us feel part of our communities and reduce the feelings of isolation. Create a group discussion with your classmates and share your take away from the reading and modules. You can even make it a little bit fun by creating challenges, and acknowledge the winner.

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